Cape is designed to empower children AND their families, simultaneously. The mission of this program is to help families learn empowerment and communication tools that they can easily implement into their “every day lives”. 

We will provide fun, engaging, research-based activities that will establish a strong social-emotional foundation; mini humans and grown humans, alike.


Here’s what we have learned in the decade of self development:

  • No one has it ALL figured out...we are always able to learn and grow. 
  • We are ALL here for connection..
  • Whether you’re 4 or 104, everyone wants to feel seen, heard and valued.
  • “Everything is figure-out-able”—Marie Forleo
  • ...and also, everything is an inside job, meaning the more we strengthen our beliefs in ourselves, life tends to flow more gracefully. 

What if, as a child, we were taught self-love and acceptance....what if we knew we could do ANYTHING we set our minds to do? What if we were “programmed” that way, before the world made us question our worth, gifts and talents? This is the gift we can give our future generations. 

As adults, We can also “reprogram” our limiting beliefs, reframe our blocks, re-write our stories. 


What impact will this have on your family, friends....and children? 
Let’s find out!! 

We can rise, together! Join us for CAPE!

C.A.P.E. (Children AND Parents Empowered)

  • Who will participate in these events:
    We have created a Board of Directors that are passionate about helping families live their best lives; ALL of which are in the education field, so they have a strong understanding of child development and creating developmentally appropriate lessons that meet a multitude of learning styles.

    Meet the Board:

    • Angie Leitnaker - 1st Grade Teacher (for 13 years), Empowerment/Transformational Lifestyle Coach with You Are, LLC.
    • Kelley Savage - Early Childhood Educator (12 years) and Technology Specialist
    • Jeannie Damron - Early Childhood Teacher (22 years), Reading Intervention Teacher, and Self-awareness expert
    • Jodi Lucas - Intervention Specialist and mindful expert
    • Danielle Parker - 1st Grade Teacher 
    • Anna Strahan - Early Childhood Education Major
    • Rebekah Young - Parent Advocate 
    • Cassie Watson - Parent Advocate 

    What types of activities?
    We will be preparing developmentally appropriate empowerment activities for both the children and parents, simultaneously :) 

    What if it rains?
    We will plan on being in the shelter house. Will will not have any “rain dates”. 

    What is the refer 3, get yours free program?
    If three other families register, and mention they heard of the CAPE program from you, your payment will be reimbursed.

    When is the deadline to register? 
    Registration will close on the Monday BEFORE each date.

    What if I am unable to make it to all three series? 
    While there are three separate sessions, they do build upon one another, so it would be most beneficial to commit to all three sessions. 

    Are refunds available? 
    Due to the preparation that goes into creating engaging activities for each session, as well as materials purchased, refunds will not be available.