• Angie

Granting Ourselves Permission

How often do you sit and think what the meanings of words mean to you? The definition of "may" is: have the ability to have permission to be free; used nearly interchangeably with can  —used to indicate possibility or probability, and that's what we are focusing on this month. Giving ourselves permission to be, whatever that may entail, the power is ours, to give permission freely to just be

How often are you able to give yourself permission? Are there times when you could take it a little easier on yourself and allow for more "you" time? Giving yourself permission to live a big life, chase your dreams, pursue a new passion, to rest, or to say no without judgement. It's a practice, and just like with any new practice, you can and will get better the more you try!

Be Yourself, unapologetically.Growth. You are allowed to outgrow people, with grace.Communicate, let it all out, give yourself permission to heal without fear or attachment. Feel it. Allow all of your feelings to surface, pain, anger and resentment, and let them go peacefully. Boundaries. Allow yourself to have healthy boundaries, they are created to  protect your energy.Health. Choose your health, your version of it, and allow it to compliment your self-respect. Play Big. Staying small isn't serving anyone. Allow yourself to step into your life, your purpose, and your dreams. Rewrite. At any time you can give yourself permission to rewrite your story. Each day is a new day, and a great day to have a great day. 

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