I purchased a kit to get a deeper discount, and mayyyyybbbe share with some friends if I liked it...(although I had very little, well .. zero... success with network marketing in the past;))


Anyway... I washed my hair, LOVED how it felt, Three weeks later, went to the salon and my stylist was blown away with the improvement in my hair... More friends noticed, wanted to use it, noticed DRASTIC improvements in THEIR hair, so THEY told people... I realized, that’s NETWORK MARKETING...and that I just started my network marketing career!


Now, they have skincare that is AS unbelievably amazing as well...AND I LOVE using all of the practices/mindset work that I coach my clients on in You Are workshops and retreats, and LOVE pouring it into my Monat team! It makes me absolutely giddy to see their success!!!






Doing things out of our comfort zones - you just never know what could transpire by taking the big SCARY leaps!

From doing something I was terrified to fail at doing (umm,..again;)), the reward was SO much greater:

- The best community a girl could ask for, literally.
- Trips (like this one in beautiful San Fransico).
(I’ve travelled more in the last few years than I had my entire life, combined!)
- Seeing first hand the power of community and GRATITUDE! (From this dorky-dressed 5K, our company “family” raised over 25,000 for Salvation Army).
- The time with those we love is irreplaceable.
- The list goes on, and on.

Have you ever felt that little nudge or call to do something....different?


I’m learning, sometimes the greatest rewards in life come from leaping before we’re ready.


Naturally based anti-aging skin care & hair care products.