How does an online course work?

Well, it’s super simple and very straight forward. You don’t need any special technical knowledge, it’s all easily accessible. You sign up and the class content is delivered via email. The content is a mix of text, audio and/or video.  It’s all yours to save and keep, so you can review it again and again.  You can go at pace that suits your unique needs. That’s one big bonus.

Another bonus is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.  The third bonus, it’s affordable.  And you can try without risk. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our no questions, no judgments, no hassle, refund policy.

Who is a good candidate for an online course?

You're a good candidate for this workshop if:

  • you're ready to make a change

  • you're open to trying new things, techniques, and strategies

  • you're ready to put forth effort and finally achieve your goals

  • you're ready to put your happiness first, and get your time back

What type of support will I have?

All workshops are taught by You Are., LLC, along with guest presenter and motivational speaker, Korin Hoskinson, which means you’re getting tried and tested, easy to implement information that really works. We are all firm believers in minimizing clutter and love to present the information in a professional, easily digestible manner.

Plus you’ll always have access to email support. We're here here for you. Your success is how we measure our success, so we are happy to make ourselves available to all participants. This workshop even comes with one-on-one phone support and/or personal coaching as well.  No matter what, if you have questions they will be answered.


Are you ready to take your power back...over your time, your space, and your energy?

De-cluttering is the first step on the organizing path. 


You simply can’t expect to get organized if you are surrounded by clutter.

  • Do you know you have too much stuff, but don’t know how to let go and get rid of it?

  • Does the whole idea of getting rid of your clutter feel overwhelming?

  • Do you clear a space only for it be overtaken by more stuff?

  • Have you read the organizing books, tried to make change, but still find yourself surrounded by clutter?

  • Have you ever dumped everything into a box or bag just to get it out of the way? Maybe you thought you would deal with it later, but later never came, so now you routinely dig through the consolidated mess hoping to find what you need.

Creating Space & Detaching from Clutter