A little over ten years ago, through her own journey of personal development/growth through grief/despair, she became OBSESSED with self-development and the incredible capacity of human potential. A self-proclaimed research junkie, she felt an undeniable deep calling to share.


While teaching first grade for 13 years, she could see that the “recipe” for living a whole-hearted life was the same, whether you are 4 or 104.


Everyone wants to be seen, heard and valued. We are all here for connection, and there are “tools” we can integrate into our lives that not only help us process negative emotions, but allow us to live a life we can’t wait to wake up each day to live. Life on our terms....life by OUR OWN design, regardless of the old stories that may have held us back in the past.


Through hosting retreats for the past 7 years (now globally), the ripples of transformation and all-inclusive sisterhood breathes life to her on the daily. She welcomes anyone to join the You Are Tribe, as the foundation we build upon is connection....collectively, .... #togetherwerise

L Experience - COMING SOON!